AMUSED BY is a fashion label founded and designed by Ludivine.
It all started back in 2016 with a trip to Bali. A place she had heard so many great things about, a place that had been brought to her attention and had not let me go since. So, fueled by curiosity and a sense of adventure Ludivine took a plane ticket, a bag, and once arrived there a scooter.
She had a total feeling of harmony with the locals, who are the most beautiful people she has ever met in her life, Ludivine fell in love with the expatriates who constitute a cultural diversity that she has never encountered. This island was for her an incredible opportunity to live new experiences, both on a psychological and a professional level.
Being passionate about fashion led her to discover the world of manufacturing. Thanks to meeting a lot of Flemish and German residents on-site, the founder learned a lot about manufacturing. The locals taught her everything related to leather and the rest is history.
Ludivine had returned 2/3 months after her first visit, to launch Amused By’s first collection. After all these years, it now has been a consistency of a new collection every 3 months. All the garments are made by hand and this results in a collection of beautifully crafted pieces.
Her daughters have been with her in Bali more than once. Ludivine still remembers how her youngest was 4 months old when she sat in front of the entrance of the manufacturing sites with the locals while Ludivine was working inside.
In Bali, I am always accompanied by my driver and translator, a man who has become a friend. He was my taxi driver on my very first trip ever there. He accompanies me everywhere and is now my translator too. This makes it possible for me to connect with the locals even more. Over time I was able to find more and more suppliers, fabrics that cannot be found elsewhere. This is how I’m able to keep on
delivering original designs no one has.
Amused By is Ludivine’s story, her passion, her quality of life, and working with noble materials handmade by women give her fulfilment to conquer her dreams.